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Advertising Tablet >>

You will have a wonderful visual experience that you never had by Hampoo Advertising Tablet Solutions with the Glasses-free 3D Technology.

Medical Tablet >>

Via wireless network, mobile medical staffs can master medical records and diagnostic reports of each patient anytime by convenient access to medical records, assay information and various monitoring and diagnosis instruments.

Education Tablet >>

With the handwriting recognition technology, Hampoo Educational Tablet Solutions allow platform-level interaction by built-in teaching platforms. Hence realize electronization, datamation, and recycling during teaching process.

Catering Tablet >>

After self-help ordering by clients, ordering information will be timely transmitted to a specific location of restaurant, such as a kitchen, which lowers labor cost and improves work efficiency as well as the image of the whole restaurant.

Business Tablet >>

With the handwriting recognition technology, you could conveniently handwrite emails, micro blogs, notes, Office files, comments and signature, whenever and wherever.

Logistics Tablet >>

With the seamless roaming and the hardware scanning technology, Hampoo Logistics Tablet supports bar code scanning, RFID label reading and writing, IR data acquisition and wireless transmission.

Security Tablet >>

When going out for patrol, security management can use Hampoo Security Tablet to view videos of other monitoring sites anytime, and remote-control security devices.

Intelligent Home >>

Hampoo Intelligent Home Tablet realizes one-stop intelligent furniture management by remote control over lights, doors and windows, background music and security facilities, as well as by intelligent alarm.

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