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Education Tablet Solutions

Hampoo launches Education Tablet Solutions to respond the new policy of realizing national educational informationization by boosting the construction of "Three links and two platforms". With the handwriting recognition technology, the solutions will achieve electronization, datamation, and reutilization during teaching processes by integrating a high precision pressure sensitive stylus with wireless application schemes, along with a built-in teaching platform system.
Let’s make it

You will obtain higher teaching quality by the handwriting recognition

Students and teachers are able to do different handwriting of high precision easily, crude or fine, by the Pressure-sensitive Technology of 1024-level pressure sensitivity, which also supports incline and spin control. Many problems may occur due to improper seats, however, with full-screen Active Stylus Pen, you can synchronously transmit handwritten notes to students' Tablets, to get rid of the said problems, thus to realize equality of education and improve teaching quality.

Thanks to NFC (Near Field Communication), students have more
funs for learning during online teaching.

With the NFC (Near Field Communication) function, teachers can interact with students easily just by a touch to conduct such activities as data sharing, thought communication, online questioning, submitting assignment and test paper etc. Furthermore, teachers can timely check students' feedback to learn their progress, and arrange targeted instructor guide, which increases their interest and interactivity in learning.

Higher learning efficiency will be student keyboard.
It can dual boot both Windows and Android, as well as retain commonly used fonts and symbols of teaching on the custom student keyboard, which helps operation easier and thus improves learning efficiency.

With large memory, the mobile E-schoolbag helps you get rid of heavy
Equipped with RAM2G and ROM16G (customizable), Hampoo Tablet offers large memory space for you to save courses, data, etc. Therefore, students can totally free themselves from heavy paper books, benefiting them in growth healthily.
Core Advantages of Educational Tablet

"With Active Stylus Pen"

The equipped handwriting recognition technology helps you easily make comments and modifications, returning you a long-lost pleasure of writing. Besides, the Pressure-sensitive Technology possesses 1024-level pressure sensitivity and supports inclinable range within ±60°, for helping you do handwriting more flexibly and comfortably.

"Intel inside"

With such technologies as Intel exclusive hyper-threading, Intel MTRR memory management, The graphics capability is more powerful, the running speed quicker and steadier, the performance higher and the power consumption lower.

"Our Services"

1.Customize and develop personalized systems like System UI customization, flexible software and hardware configuration etc.
2.Open SDK package interface can conduct system secondary development like driver transplantation.

"IPS Display Screen"

The 1280×800IPS screen possesses 178° visual angle, colorful pictures, as well as being more energy-saving; besides, it supports 10-point touch to make operating more freely. Meanwhile, large-capacity battery provides a long duration for you.

"Dual System Supported"

Support dual system Windows and Android
and keyboard input.


You can conduct resource sharing and data transmission just by one touch.

"Wi-Fi Roaming"

The supported Wi-Fi seamless roaming makes
wireless connection steadier.

"3G Module Supported"

The supported 3G network access provides more convenience for you.

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