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Catering Tablet Solutions

Hotel menus are of high cost and high consumption rate, while hand-written menus can be easily lost and mistaken, thus resulting in low efficiency and service quality. How to do? By integrating such functions as menu, ordering, order etc., Hampoo Catering Tablet PC Solutions improve hotel’s service image and efficiency, and reduce operating loss to increase overall revenue.
Let’s make it.

Higher efficiency will be obtained thanks to steady signal from seamless

With one-stop Wi-Fi Roaming (of switching time less than 1s), you will obtain a very steady signal to make orders. Thereafter, ordering information will be sent timely and accurately to a specific location thanks to high work efficiency and switching rate, thus to minimize the troubles from ordering.

NFC (Near Field Communication) saves cost and improves market

NFC (Near Field Communication) quickly detects customer's membership, calculates member discount, and makes mobile payment simultaneously, so as to reduce waiting time, improve service level and increase satisfaction of customers.

With IPS Full HD Screen, the overall brand image of company can be
With IPS HD Screen, vivid dishes will be presented on a E-menu, which no doubt increases consuming desires and improves service image, as well as reduces operating cost by saving papers and printing costs.

Share a social responsibility by advocating environmental protection.
Hampoo Tablet PC allows you to modify E-menu information and dishes promotion as required, hence reducing inventory loss, and share a social responsibility via advocating environmental protection. Besides, to flexibly create advertising campaigns, builds customized marketing channels, and seizes advertising positions of catering industry accurately, hence increasing profit.
Core Advantages of Catering Tablets

"Wi-Fi Roaming"

With Hampoo Optimized Wi-Fi Roaming Technology, you can automatically connect the strongest wireless signal of high stability to prevent such problems as disconnecting on ordering, data loss etc.

"Burglarproof Dock Station"

With a built-in electronic anti-theft alarm, it adopts advanced indoor positioning anti-theft technology to conduct real-time monitoring, which is safe and reliable; the equipped contact-based charging interface features the drop-and-charge function to prevent USB interface from damage, which is also very convenient and easy-to-operate.

"IPS Full HD Panel"

IPS full view screen creates an accurate color range above
50%, presenting you unparalleled colorful vivid images.

"Our Services"

1.Customize and develop personalized systems like System UI customization, flexible software and hardware configuration etc.
2.Open SDK package interface can conduct system secondary development like driver transplantation, APP embedding etc.

"Intel Chip"

With such technologies as exclusive hyper-threading,
Turbo Boost, the equipped Intel chip helps you obtain
high performance and low power consumption.

"Dual Camera"

Front camera 200,rear camera 500W

"NFC (Optional)"

You can conduct such operations as Membership
Card Induction, Mobile Payment by a touch.

"Large-capacity Battery"

Large-capacity battery provides long
duration for you.

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