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  • Game performance, portable for entertainment
    It adopts the Z2580 processor of Intel hyper-threading technology, dual core with four threads, and integrates the second level cache of 2 × 512KB,
    as well as supports the maximum operating frequency up to 2.0GHz. With the top-level mobile graphics card namely Power VR SGX544MP2,
    it rivals any current popular gaming devices in graphics capability; and delights you completely with the powerful processing system.

    Retracted professional game controllers
    You can make a precise and fast control in all directions by the professional custom game controllers with typical cross-shaped steering wheels.
    You can also play your fingers more smoothly by the integrated dual rocker buttons made of ivory rubber materials, which are more durable and comfortable.
    Besides, players prefer the retracted game controllers.

    Sharing more freely by various multimedia output options
    Thanks to the Intel exclusive WiDi technology (Wireless high-definition technology), Tablet images can be demonstrated in real time on Display (PC, TV etc.);
    besides, with game controllers and a base, you must have an inconceivable experience during enjoying games on large screen. Meanwhile, the connection
    between HDMI interface and STB is supported. You must unleash during recreation with the help of various multimedia output options.

    UTD (Ultrahigh Definition) screen, full-view displaying
    You must enjoy the outstanding gaming effect and the amazing visual impact when you see the clear images and rich image details from the 10.1 inch
    IPS full-view screen of a 1920×1200 ultra-clear resolution.

    Power consumption balance, with long duration
    You could travel in your gaming world without any concern as the Intel Turbo Boost Technology can regulate core frequency of processors dynamically to provide
    performance as required while lower power consumption to prolong duration.

    Wireless transmission, all-inclusive
    Everything will be available thanks to the fast and accurate GPS navigation function, which supports Bluetooth 4.0, and Wi-Fi transmission etc.

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